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Legend has it that our founder, the celebrated Bane of the Beavers, Trapper Pete, once traveled the waters near where the Steakhouse and Saloon now sits. He and his hungry voyageur cohorts are the inspiration for every item on our menu - hearty, satisfying, stick-to-your ribs comfort food with a creative touch. You'll find scrumptious burgers, juicy steaks,  sublime sandwiches, piquant pizzas, garden-fresh salads and delicious desserts. Little Voyageurs are always welcome, and will find some of their favorites on our kids' menu.


So drive, hike, pedal or paddle on in. We're just down the river from Duluth, near the village of Scanlon.  We'll satisfy even your fiercest belly rumble. (But no, we won't trade a pizza for a pelt.) On I-35 take Cloquet Exit 239. Click here to Map Us.




Check out Trapper Pete's in the Pine Journal!



"Well, some time this summer I registered for a thing through Miller High Life at my favorite restaurant, Trapper Pete’s Steakhouse in Cloquet, then I get a call from this person about a month ago saying I won a prize that I had to fill out a legal document about it. I do all that and then tonight I got a call and email from Miller saying my prize is in St. Paul. The prize I won is a brand new Harley Davidson Street Bob!!!”


Paul Johnston, Cloquet MN 





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